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Compare two mp3 files

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Is there a way to compare two mp3 files?
I don't mean comparing the two files according to their names, bytes, binary, date etc.
I mean compare the two sounds. Like recording a message, recording another one and then compare if the two recorded files are same or similar(tolerance)

Is there a way to do this?

It is possible for windows since you can record messages for shortcuts. The recording gets better with the time so I suppose there us a comparison between each recorded message.
Anyone has any idea about this?

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Do you want to write a doctoral thesis?

Try this: http://www.libinst.com/Audio%20DiffMaker.htm



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I am not sure how to put this. DiffMaker will record a sound and then compare it to a second recorded sound if I understand well. However this is not what I am looking for.
Let's say I record the phrase "Hello world" with my voice and someone else records the same phrase with his voice.
I want to do a voice recognition on those two mp3 files. Compare them and check if the voice is the same or similar depending on the tolerance I want.

Windows have voice recognition. That is why I think it might be possible.


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