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windows media player in your gui

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is it possible to run windows media player in your gui? and automatic opens a movie from a url?

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If you can get IE to run in your GUI window, you can use this code to build your webpage so the windows media player will play your file. This code is from my TestBuilder program. I know it is HTML, but it should help you in solving your problem.

The following code is for embedding a video file into the question. Look in the code where the file name appears. (its in 2 places) Replace the file with what you want to run, and make sure the path is correct. It is important to keep the file in a sub folder. In the following example, the sample folder has a sub folder for support files. (example being ./sample/sample/smackdown.wmv). The other thing you should concern youself with is the size of the viewer. Look for the code: width="320" height="285" in the example below. You can change the numbers to change the size of the viewer.
<table border="0" style="border-collapse: collapse" width="100%" id="table1">
    <td><!-- begin embedded WindowsMedia file... -->
      <table border='0' cellpadding='0' align="left">
      <OBJECT id='mediaPlayer' width="320" height="285" 
      standby='Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components...' type='application/x-oleobject'>
      <param name='fileName' value="./0-Sample/Resources/clock.avi">
      <param name='animationatStart' value='true'>
      <param name='transparentatStart' value='true'>
      <param name='autoStart' value="false">
      <param name='showControls' value="true">
      <param name='loop' value="false">
      <EMBED type='application/x-mplayer2'
        id='mediaPlayer' name='mediaPlayer' displaysize='4' autosize='-1' 
        bgcolor='darkblue' showcontrols="true" showtracker='-1' 
        showdisplay='0' showstatusbar='-1' videoborder3d='-1' width="320" height="285"
        src="./0-Sample/Resources/clock.avi" autostart="false" designtimesp='5311' loop="false">
      <!-- ...end embedded WindowsMedia file -->
      <!-- begin link to launch external media player... -->
        <tr><td align='center'>
        <!-- ...end link to launch external media player... -->
        </table> </td>

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