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Isn't there a way to get the Window copy progress dialogue to pop up? I thought I saw a way to this (maybe with VBS) a while back, but I can't find a references to it now.


My browser could not follow the link above, and so here is another reply.

Sorry if it duplicates already available material.

There is a vbs script attached which does what you want. It will copy

some files to a diskette, using the "shell.application" object, and will

show a progress dialog.

NOTA BENE: the underlying api apparently does not show the progress

dialog for short file copies. So if you use it for a small file, the file will

get copied, but no dialog will be shown. That is the reason that the

demo script is copying to a diskette -- diskettes are always slow.

There is a second attachment, with is just the vbs script converted to

autoIt (requires the beta version).

Finally, if you really have a taste for the "real geek" stuff, then take

a look at the SHFileOperation API function, with its accompanying

SHFILEOPSTRUCT typedef. That api is what "shell.application" uses,

and the api code is what is showing the filecopy progress dialog.

If you look up the api, you will find that it has four basic functions,

move, copy, rename and delete. plus a number of options too

numerous to repeat. Here is a link to SHFileOperation documentation:


cheers, jw

p.s. the attachments have a "txt" extension, because of the propensity

of some AV apps to deny vbs downloads.



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