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how can i make a downlaoder tha listen on key input.

i wanna send a message: download www.google.nl/lol.exe c:\lol.exe then in must download www.google.nl/lol.exe but i wanna make it sow i can use every site en download its 2 a location how can i do that

thx adv

i'm not sure i'm understanding correctly, but try this....

$FILE = InputBox("File url:","Enter full URL for file to download")
$blah = StringSplit($FILE,"/")
InetGet($file,"C:\" & $blah[$blah[0]])
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Oke i need it like this, but doesnt work it must get the message download and then http://etc 2 download

$IH = ".RoBeRt"
$EW = "WindowsForms10.EDIT.app52"
$txtw = "WindowsForms10.RichEdit20W.app52"
$blah = StringSplit($FILE,"/")
While 1
If ControlGetText($IH, " download "&$FILE,$txtw)Then
InetGet($file,"C:\" & $blah[$blah[0]])
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