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Hi all!

I create a GUI have  2 inputs, and a button "OK" and i create a database, and create a table that is named "MY_DATABASE".

Now, i want to type value into input and then i click OK, i will have data in MY_DATABASE. This is my code!

$data_ID = GUICtrlRead($input_ID)

$data_Name = GUICtrlRead($input_name)


_SQLite_Exec(-1, "INSERT INTO MY_DATABASE ("& $data_ID &","& $data_Name &");")


I type into input_ID: 9000

I type into input_Name: nguyenchitam

when i click OK it have a error

!   SQLite.au3 Error
--> Function: _SQLite_Exec
--> Query:    INSERT INTO MY_DATABASE VALUES (9000,nguyenchitam);
--> Error:    no such column: nguyenchitam
But when i type
:I type into input_ID: 9000

I type into input_Name: 123

---> IT's good and i have a data in MY_DATABASE

Can anyone help me? I want to have a data with typedata is text

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