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[Help]AutoItX3 and Python. Can't get ToolTip to work

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Hi. I'm experimenting with wrapping AutoIt with Python and have run into the issue of trying to create a ToolTip object at the coordinates 0,0. I can do this in AutoIt by itself no problem, but for my experiment, it must be through the use of Python. I've gotten AutoItX3 to work while running notepad, calc, etc. However, neither MsgBox or ToolTip work. Please help.


[sOLVED] I found a library in Python that integrates AutoIt in a more correspondent manner. Pyautoit is a library for Python 2.7. I tried using this with Python 3.4, obviously with no success. I didn't know that it was for Python 2,7 until I got into contact with the developer. This should make ToolTip and MsgBox work. Thanks, y'all! 

[NOTE] As of Thanksgiving, PyAutoit now supports Python 3.0. Happy Black Friday everyone!

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