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Hi guys

from the examples i'm trying to Build a simple server so my client can connect to it

well i did that works good but looking at my server code it will only let 1 client connect

any ideas how icould get more then one client to connect ?

this is how my server works when i client connects to my server and types something the server then feeds it to the other clients .

but i can only get one client to connect would anyone know of a way i could get more then one to connect

thank you


dim $ConnectedSocket

$g_IP = ""


$MainSocket = TCPListen($g_IP, 65431, 100 )

If $MainSocket = -1 Then Exit

While 1

$ConnectedSocket = TCPAccept( $MainSocket)

If $ConnectedSocket >= 0 Then

TCPSend( $ConnectedSocket , "connected" )




$recv = TCPRecv($ConnectedSocket, 512 )

If $recv <> "" Then

TCPSend( $ConnectedSocket, $recv )



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