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MYOB BankLink not responding to Autoit

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We are trying to automate report generation for a software called MYOB BankLink (accounting software).

The program would not open using Run or RunAs command but I was able to run it using


I tried sending commands using ControlSend, Send, ControlClick but it isn't responding to any of it.

I could Activate the window using WinActivate.

I have attached here the opening interface of the program.

Using a keyboard, I could do a File open by pressing Alt fgf.

So I tried using:

ControlSend("[CLASS:TfrmMain]", "", "", "{ALT}fgf"), did not work

ControlSend("[CLASS:TfrmMain]", "", "", "!fgf"), did not work

Anyone encountered this or have have created some autoit script for Banklink already? I tried searching this forum for the keyword banklink but it returns nothing.

I am hoping somebody could help me, thanks!


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What's the actual output of Au3Info.exe ?

You may need to "focus" on the window first if you're just going to use controlsend.

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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Using Au3Info.exe, I could get the window information like the Title, Class, Advanced Mode, etc. The common information I usually use is there.

The window class name is [CLASS:TfrmMain]. I could activate it using WinActivate, it returns true for WinExists as well.

I also thought about "focusing the window" so I use WinActivate before using ControlSend, even the Send command, but I got nothing.

I even set the SendKeyDelay thinking that the key press might be too fast for the programĀ  to react but still the same.

What am I missing?

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