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WinMove on a window that keeps moving back to default position


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I am trying to get a simple program to move this one particular window on the screen. It works, but the window moves itself back about a second later. 

 WinMove("[CLASS:OCAppSharingBackdropControls]", "", 233, 233, 900, 36)

I've tried pasting the same line over and over but it doesn't "keep" it moved. Tried adding in sleeps and pasting over and over, but it only moves it a few times and would actually make the window difficult to then interact with. 

Not sure if it matters to share but the details on this window is that it is a toolbar that shows at the top of a user's monitor when Lync/Communicator is open and they are sharing their screen. 

I'm guessing there is some built-in mechanism in place in Lync to move this toolbar/window back to its default position of 233,0,900,36.

Is there anyway for AutoIt to override this? I'd rather not corrupt memory on the client side of things if possible.

Also the idea of this program is that when they're sharing their screen, and I click "Request Control" on my end to assist them with an issue, then the typical user is not oblivious to the fact I'm requesting control since the toolbar is at the top of the screen prompting them, where 90% of the time they never notice it (very frustrating). 

This way the window would be moved to the middle of the screen. 

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I guess since I'm just trying to get the user's attention to the window, I'll have the window move down and up the screen a few times and that should do the trick. I'd still be interested to know if there's a way to more "permanently" move the window during the script, however. 

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