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MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5) is the built-in programming language for automated trading strategies development. It allows creating Expert Advisors (trading robots), Custom Indicators, Scripts and Libraries. All these instruments significantly enhance traders' ability to trade on financial markets (Forex, Stock, Futures & CFD).

MetaQuotes Language 5 is based on the concepts of the well known and popular С++ programming language. MQL5 is also a high-level object oriented programming language. However, due to its narrow specialization, MQL5 thrives in financial markets challenges.

MQL5 includes numerous functions for forex and stock quotes analysis. Also there are built-in main technical indicators and functions, which control trading positions. Thanks to these possibilities of the programming language, all analytics and trade operations can be made entirely by such MQL5 programs.

About MQL5 see in


AutoIt3 has AutoItX control, DLL library, and header file AutoItX3_DLL.h. This message shows some test MQL5 script based on attached AutoItX3_DLL.mqh (header file for import AutoItX3.dll by MQL5).

Test of usage AutoItX from MQL5:

#include "AutoItX3_DLL.mqh"
#import "user32.dll"
  int     MessageBoxW(uint hWnd, string szText, string szCaption, int nType);
  int     SendMessageW(uint hWnd, int Msg, int wParam, int lParam);

void OnStart(void)
//--- call init function
  int res;
  uint hWnd;
  string szTitle;
  int len = 100;

  //Get hWnd of terminal GUI 
  hWnd = AU3_WinGetHandle("MetaTrader-Admiral Markets","");
  res = MessageBoxW(0,hWnd,"hWnd of Terminal Gui",0);

  //Init string for Title text
  //Get Title of terminal GUI 
  AU3_WinGetTitleByHandle(hWnd, szTitle, len);
  res = MessageBoxW(0,szTitle,"Title of Terminal Gui",0);
  //Set Title of terminal GUI 
  AU3_WinSetTitleByHandle(hWnd, "My Terminal");
  res = MessageBoxW(0,"Title was changed!","Title of Terminal Gui",0);


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