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Mynotes 1.0

Guest rathore

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Guest rathore


-------------------MyNotes v1.0--------------------

------------ Add annotations to files! --------------

I needed a way to make small notes that could

somehow linger to the MANY files I've downloaded.

Some easy way to make annotations to files, to

add little tags that would help me not to say:

"What the hell does this thing do?"

or "Did I download it?...WHY??"

or "Oh DAMN! I remember I found out the best tool

for the job among this heap of zip files months ago

but now which one WAS that?"

Yes, there are available some such programs on

the net but many are made redundant by WinXP as they

were based on web-folder feature. And they recognised

files by their name or location. "What if I move or

rename them?"

And then I did find a good one... but that was

not free and the trial worked on C Drive only!

So... I made MyNotes

Main Features:


1. I think the best feature is that even if you

rename the file or move it to a different folder

or drive, MyNotes will still recognise it!!

2. Search Feature: just press Ctrl+Alt+Y to

launch Search feature to be able to search

the notes. It'll also tell you the location

of the file that was at the time of making

the note.

3. Shows your notes using Non-Obtrusive TrayTips.



Jon for AutoIt3 (I love you man!)

DiamondCS for MD5 File Hash


hey guys, please check it out. Tell me if there's something required.

Even a little note saying u've used it and its nice wud b greatly appreciated. :whistle:

Instructions are in the MyNotes.au3 file (open in any text viewer)

Download: {link removed check the post titled "New Mynotes" in this subforum for latest version}

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Guest rathore

well scrapbook is a totally different thing... I wanted to have the functionality right in explorer. and well i doubt it'd work with files being moved/renamed.

anyways, new ver 1.1 is in the making.

Changes till now:

-Added the ability to open the file from

search results (press Yes).

-Fixed a bug which caused MyNotes to exit

after a search is performed.

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