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RawInput of a HID (help with functions, API)


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Need help with getting raw input information from a HID, in specific Mad Catz Cyborg Keyboard. It has 12 extra keys, and a horrible control software.

Keyboard has two HID controls: one for symbols(actual keyboard), and a separate HID (not recognized as a keyboard). I have basic understanding of DllCalls, variables, types, lengths... but I couldn't convert examples form Microsoft website to AutoIt. My attempts at RawInput.au3 and _WinAPI have also failed.

I found a program that reads raw data from a selected HID (USBHID Test Utility). One of my friends has the same keyboard as I, and our VID and PID match. I can always run that program in an emulated console mode, but I want an actual function for the script, since all these programs are written with the use of API libraries.

I would like a detailed explanation on Raw Input though WinAPI or an actual function that will read this HID and output data. Preferably both.

Thank you in advance.



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