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Keep GUI Bottom-Most or disable it from responding to mouse clicks

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OK - I've made a transparent GUI with some text that I want to use as a sort of desktop splash / info panel on the desktop - that's all working well.  What I'd like is to be able to keep the GUI underneath all windows and stop the GUI ever getting focus as if it were just part of the desktop.

I know there are utilities out there that do this sort of thing already but they don't meet my needs so I'm trying to script one.

Anyone have any ideas on if this can be achieved the way I want or is there a smarter way of doing it without a transparent GUI and text labels?

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You can always do GUISetState(@SW_DISABLE), to lock it in place and disable interaction.

Now I didn't think that was working because with that on its own I get no visible window but if I use...

Then it works.  Thanks - easier than I had imagined!
EDIT - That worked to some degree.  For completeness I managed to force the GUI to be bottom-most by the addition of the following...
#include <WINAPI.au3>
_WinAPI_SetWindowPos ( $hGUI1, $HWND_BOTTOM, $POSX, $POSY, $GUIWidth, $GUIHeight, $SWP_NOACTIVATE )
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