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I'm sure the answers will be obvious but here goes:

1) How can I check if an application is already open before launching it again with Run. For example WinWaitActivate("Document1 - Microsoft Word") will fail if another document is already open in MS Word since the new window will be called "Document2 - Microsoft Word"

2) I want a script to run at a certain time each day, plus a random of 1-5 minutes (don't ask why smile.gif) . We'll assume 2 p.m. for simplicity.

I'm thinking the best approach would be to schedule the script to run in Task Scheduler at 2:00 p.m. and then, immediately in the script, would be a delay of a random value from one to five minutes, after which the script would run. But I'm not exactly sure how to accomlish this. Thanks!

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