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ControlSettext not working....plz help

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hi everybody! so as u know there is a option of using autoit interface in visual studio.

u just have to add a refrence here:






and then u add using AutoItX3Lib;


so i did so and i declared a new object-  AutoItX3Lib.AutoItX3 auto = new AutoItX3Lib.AutoItX3();



and started using some functions.it's all working for me.even when i run the compiled file(the exe in the debug directory)


but when i send it to freind or try it on my laptop-it just crashes.... i just tried a simple function of autoit.run or somthing like that... i verified the file is exist and all.. on my com its working great but in the laptop it's dont... :(> any suggesttions plz? bcz everytime i added a refernce i did'nt have to add any file to my exe.. but now it's really weird.. 

plz help its really really important! breaking my head a week! :(>


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