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Input Box -> Excel

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$mynote = GUICtrlRead(InputBox("Special Notes:", "Please type your note:"))
_Excel_RangeWrite($oWorkBook,"Score", $mynote,"D28",True)

I'm trying to prompt the user to input data onto it then input that data that stored in InputBox to excel spreadsheet on cell D28. I got result as 0 on D28 instead of a message that I type. Any suggestion?

I also tried

$mynote = InputBox("Special Notes:", "Please type your note:")
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Msgbox(0, "Hate", "Just hate it when I post a question and find my own answer after a couple tries. But if I don't post the question, I can't seem to resolve it at all.")

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Input box returns a string, ctrl read isn't needed. When ctrl read fails, it returns zero. Since you are using it on a string, not a handle, it's functioning normally.

Remove ctrl read and your code will function.

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