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Prevent to run in a zip


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it's possible to prevent a script to run in a zip?

A stupid guy instead of unzip the exe, the guy execute it and the script crash.

It's possible to detect and if the exe is executed from a zip, I want to show an error message and stop it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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what prevents the script to run properly "from a zip"? Is it some missing files it needs that are also in the zip?

In that case you should check via FileExist() if the file is present in your @scriptDir  and only continue running if all files are present.

It's not possible to execute a program right out of a zip archive, windows is just simulating this by copying the file in some temp dir and running it from there.

That's also the reason why your FileExist() will fail if the user does it that way.

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Besides it being a really bad practice putting any files directly into C:, how high are chances that a file with the same name does actually exist in the directory if it's a custom script?

Even then, there's no guarantee the file doesn't also exist under C: for some reason.

It's always about paranoid you have to be in relation to how much you think the user can mess with your script.

If you seriously running the risk of having already existing filenames that are none of your files you can always do some checksum on it first.

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To expand upon the earlier answer by Radiance.

When you execute a file within a zip, Windows does a temporary relocation first (of that file only), before executing it. So in that scenario, all other dependencies (other files/folders) will not be relocated, so a simple FileExists test will be your solution.

Good coding practice, includes using FileExists at all points anyway. Never take a file or folder existence for granted. Be judicious though, as once code is running, you only need to test once during the life of the running script ... unless you cause something that makes a file location or existence (etc) change.

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