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License System! - collab of scripts.


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so in the past days I had been programming a script which of course I wanted to protect afterwards so the only the pc I worked on can use it during my internship. Now I finally made a collab of a few (I think 3) scripts which combine into a really unique license system.

Script nr. 1 = The generator. It first grabs the Unique Hardware ID, then generates a license based on the UID and adds the UID to the back of it. Then finally it encodes the given license from this: Also if you run it twice it deletes the license from the pc.


EFEZI-BARBB-HBHQH-XJEHX-INACE-LETAK = the serial generated with the UID as seed

F02206C5-4A5D-7DBF-4996-A997C020B0E6 = the UID of this PC

To this:


I did this step in order to make it unreadable. Otherwise people could easily copy the license and add their UID to the back of it. This way nobody will figure that out lol.

Then the Script nr. 2 = Basically an addon to add in front of your script. It reverses the unreadable thing, then checks for the UID of the computer and checks if it's in the license, then further checks if the serial is working.


Credits to the script makers, sadly I lost their threads :( So if you find your script to be inside mine, just tell me to add you to the credits list.

EDIT: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> - the awesome serial system

Files are attached :P and the best thing about this script, the key cant be copyed. (Well it "can" if you can reverse the last step and know that the license consists of the serial and the UID, but otherwise dunno...) I will maybe add base64 to it then it would look like this: (But it would be useless, wouldnt it?


Hope this helps someone, best regarderinos,

Andrewz (no thats not my name ^^)

License generator.au3


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Challenge: Try to make a new license based on this one to make it work on your pc. Without the license generator of course.

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