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Guest Ankit

help required running GUI tests on a unix machine connected by VNC

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Guest Ankit


I'm currently connecting to a unix system (linux etc..) from a windows machine through VncViewer. Once this is done, I perform a bunch of GUI tests, like opening a terminal, installing a product through it's GUI. These actions involve mostly text input, mouse click on certain buttons etc.

I was wondering if it would be possible to use this program to automate the above scenario? In other words, would i be able to identify the object handles, like the button name or the specific window inside VNC? It doesn't have to be VNC that I use, but I need some sort of remote desktop program that can connect to my unix machine. If this is not the software, then any suggestions on what i could do would be greatlt appreciated!!!

Thanks a lot,


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VNC (as well as pcAnywhere, NetMeeting, and others) treats the remote like a bitmap.

Therefore, you won't be able to read handles or interact with controls.

Even if you could, *nix do not use Win32 controls (without wine)

You can, however, use a combination of PixelSearch(), MouseClick(), and Send() to control your VNC session.

Most *nix products i've dealt with are installable without a GUI.

It would be much easier to remote execute an install script or use a telnet session than it would be to control a VNC session.

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