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Controlsend, some Shortcuts work some do not

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Hi there.

I'm currently working on a project with a good friend of mine to keep our windows stickynotes synchronous via my vroot server.

In order to keep the ammount of notes the same, I wanna delete all notes first (via shortcut ctrl + D), then paste the first, create a new one (shortcut ctrl + N) and so on.

Im using Controlsend for this to achieve.

Creating new notes via CTRL + N works flawless, but I just cant get deleting via CTRL + D to work.

It simply does nothing. When I try it manually via WinActivate and Send it works, but that will interrupt anything i am doing in this moment

Is this a known problem or is there a way to fix this?Thanks<br>Here is my code:

$List = WinList("[CLASS:Sticky_Notes_Note_Window]")
ControlSend($List[1][1], "", "[CLASS:{a64c3a50-b714-4e1f-a723-78db57a20a29}; INSTANCE:1]", "^d")
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What happens if you use ControlFocus before ControlSend()?

The notes app gets the focus, but i wont delete the note. Even launching it again and again just gives it the focus but wont delete the note.

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