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Window becomes inactive when the mouse cursor changes

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I am developing a solution for this problem:




the mouse pointer doesn't show on the surface when I set it as an extended monitor


This problem is known and I didn't found normal solution.

splashtop doas not streaming the mouse cursor to my second screen(tablet) and the problem also exists if you use splashtop to connect to the remote computer(But in this case the problem is not really significant because you don't nead the cursor from the remote computer...)


So I developed a code which is what it does is to show image that is the same cursor (png image) and that image is moving to where the real cursor is found in realtime. the code also automatically changes the image when the cursor changed.


I just started working on it .. algorithm that decides when to change working fine .. I still need to work on the images.

But there is a problem in the process of changing the image. When the
cursor png image changing, it causes to windows to be inactive. In addition, the image appears on the center of the screen for a fraction of a second and the image is not always on top..

Please try the code and fix it.


By the way, thanks to timmy2 from here:

?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>

On this wonderful example of this example .. no I was not able to develop this solution!

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No matter.
I solved the problem

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