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Task scheduler and autoit

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I am trying to run Autoit using task scheduler, anyone got some experience on this? My GUI is in Swedish, so bare with me!

  1. The first tab general or something is set default other than a name and description.
  2. Trigger (next tab) is set at win start and running every 5 minutes forever with "Active" left as the only thing checked.
  3. Action (next tab) I have tried setting to start a program compiled to .exe with nothing else.
  4. Permissions (next tab) is everything ticked off but "Activate computer to run the activity" (or something like that).
  5. Settings I have everything on but "Cancel if run for [x] time" And "If the activity is not sett it will be deleted after [x] days". If it fails it will run every minute 120 times and it will not start a new one if the activity is already active.


In history. granted numbers are shared cross languages, it does event number; 100, 200, 110, 319, 129 in that order "Activity has started, Activity has started, Activity has been triggered by a user, A message about starting a activity has been received by the.. activity engine (?), Process for created activity in same order. I do not understand it >.< No errors, just doesn't start!

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