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Input field in an array

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i would like to know if it's possible to do something like that:

$user = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 730, 25+($i*20), 50, 20) 

and latter use this field to stock his value like:

$oldScore= GUICtrlRead($user)


If you see a better way to do this logical i'm also up to it.

Thanks in advance :)

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If it's help to have more information i've a number x of player for each player i need to enter the current score of the game and after each game sum this score at the total of his score.

Mister X has 0 points.

The game is over and Mister X end with 50 points.

The user introduce his score in the field: 50.

The user click on a button to sum this score with his total points. 

[The 2 last step are done for x Users  with a fix number i could easily find a solution.]

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