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Hiding IE11 Menu and Bookmarks bar

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Seasons Greetings :)

I'm trying to hide the menu bar and bookmark bar in IE11 and have this change refresh the IE window that is opened.

The DllCall referenced in many places actually don't work on this simple W7Pro64 VM I have. The changes to the Registry do work however.

$key = "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MINIE"
$reg = RegWrite($key, "LinksBandEnabled", "REG_DWORD", 1)
DllCall( 'wininet.dll', 'uint', 'InternetSetOption', 'ptr', 0, 'dword', 39, 'ptr', 0, 'dword', 0 )
DllCall( 'wininet.dll', 'uint', 'InternetSetOption', 'ptr', 0, 'dword', 37, 'ptr', 0, 'dword', 0 )

Thank you for your thoughts,


If this is obvious or easy to you: Be kind, it's healthier on many levels.

Case else: remember on certain things we're all idiots compared with certain people...  ;)

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