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how to retrieve .bat error code

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Hi guys,

I'm using ShellExecuteWait to run my installers.

There is 2 bat files in the list of installation. 1 is to install NetFX35 and another is to setup some other stuff.

When i run the netfx35.bat, it logs as exit code 0. But the script that runs has some other error number.

Is there anyway to retrieve the exit code from the command ran?

For the other installer programs, i get the correct exit code. But when i run bat files, the exit code 0 actually refers to whether the bat was executed successfully and that's it. It doesn't return the exit code of the program ran in the bat file. 

Anyone can shed some light?

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After playing around with the codes and finding out a bit more, I was able to shellexecute the line i need from the bat script.

I realized there was too much irrelevant scripting in that bat file (which i've already done in my program)

So now, there is no need for bat files XD

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