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RA1-Pro Robotarm / FT232RL

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I'm currently in the progress of writing a program which lets me control the robot arm RA1-Pro (by arrexx). This Robotarm has a microcontroller on it where I uploaded a program to that converts input into movement (see screenshot 1 and 2). This input is done by the RobotLoader program (which is very restricted) and I want to bypass that.

Communication is done via a FTDI "USBĀ Interface" and I found a good UDF >hereĀ . When running the Example program, the LED that indicates communication is blinking (which is good :) ) but I'm having problem starting the robotarm.

So far the program is started when an 's' is sent via terminal (screenshot 1), but when I replaced the sent STRING in the EXAMPLE file with 's', it didn't work. (The robotarm readjusts itself every time he boots/a program is started, which he didn't do)

Neither did it work when I started the robot via RobotLoader and sent the movement via the EXAMPLE file (but everything is stated as FT_OK !).

Does anyone else know what I could try to get the robotarm working via an AutoIt script? (I think the UDF is perfectly fine, I'm just stuck to get it working properly)

Attached is also a log file of the RobotLoader(screenshot 3)



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