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I think I need a little nudge in the right direction here. I had started planning out this project a while back and asked about it on the forums but got no replies. 

What I am  looking to achieve here is a drag and drop type app where on the left side of the screen is a list of jobs. Each job has hours and other various data contained within the "object". I want that object to be able to be dragged and dropped into a calendar type control that is the main frame of the window. when the item is dropped the code will look at the objects characteristics and build a graphic representation of that job in the calendar as an object.

Some of the objects properties would be:





whatever else I want to carry along with it from the DB table basically.

The calendar control would resemble the outlook calendar in appearance, and when the item is dropped on a given day - it would start there and fill in the number of days for the job based on the hours parameter stored in the dragged object. This calendar object would be active as well and could be dragged within the calendar to drop it into a new day slot and other jobs around it would adjust to accommodate it (essentially rescheduling it and pushing other jobs further out)

My question is that of feasibility, can this be done using AutoIT? I realize what I am looking to do is pretty custom. I've tried this with list views and it's not going to work for what we want to do. They want more a graphical interface.  


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Have you looked at Melba's GUIListViewEx in the Examples forum? I know that it allows for drag and drop of listview items. Of course, without seeing any actual code on your part, it is a little difficult to assist...

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Well the assistance I'm looking for isn't code specific. It's more pointed toward the capability of the software in comparison to something I am used to (Visual Studio)

I know what I can do in VS, I have no idea what I can do in AutoIT other than what I have recently researched. So I thought I would ask if it was even possible before I started going down a long road developing something that maybe isn't suited for the scope of what AutoIT does. 

This is a customer requirement that I do this in AutoIT, it's not my preference since I am literally brand new to it. It seems simple enough to use and is powerful in some respects. 

Anyway  here is a screenshot of what I would be attempting to build if that helps. '> This would be the main focus of the form, then on the left would be a list of "jobs" that would be dragged and dropped into a schedule like that. Thier length in hours and other various params would come from the dropped object, and it would create a "schedule object" out of that data. I could possibly do something like a tooltip on a line item in a list view to get a preview of the data contained in the object so they could see details prior to drag-n-dropping it in the schedule area. So perhaps I can use a list view for half of it. 

Obviously there is no control like this MS office scheduling control in AutoIT so I would creating my own DLL in VS and trying to access that via COM or I would be building a lot of this in GDI+ and treating it like a graphic app (I think) 

Just looking for a "Yes this is normal and can be done in AutoIT" or "Jesus - you are reinventing the wheel here, why are you trying this in AutoIT" and an answer like that IMO can only come from seasoned users of this software... or I can googlefu / wikifu it up and look for my own answers which sometimes I find difficult if I am trying to decide on its use in the first place. 

I don't really want to spend time learning the ropes - if I'm pulling the plug after this forum post :P So I need to know if this is the tool for my app or not. Otherwise I'll force feed my customer a Visual Studio solution and be done with it.

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