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[SOLVED] Activate cursor theme?

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The currently active cursor theme is stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelCursors registry key.

When manually changed in registry, it does not change the cursors until opened Control Panel -> Mouse -> Pointers and re-selected needed theme (it shows like it's already your custom theme in affect, and you have to change to different theme and than back to yours before it enables apply button)

So, is there a dll call that would trigger cursor theme change?

Thank you.


Typical...spent 30 minutes looking for an answer, nothing found, posted a question and 5 minutes later found the answer...

So just in case someone needed, the answer is:

DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "SystemParametersInfo", "int", 0x0057, "int", 0, "int", 0, "int", 0)
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