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Netscape Status Bar

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Can the status bar data from Netscape Navigator be read by StatusBarGetText? In the window spy it reads it as status bar text 4, I tried:


$t = StatusBarGetText("Netscape", 4)

MsgBox(0, "Test", $t)

I get a blank in the msgbox. I read the help file about the statusbargettext command, and was thinking maybe Netscape uses it's own verson of the common control that AutoIt reads for the return data.

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My suggestion is to use AutoItspy, if you can see it there, you can see it in AutoIt. If not? well you might have to jump a few hoops.

Statusbar text in Firefox is not readable the normal way, I haven't tested other methods yet.

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Tested it with MSIE, tried to view line 5 of the Status Bar Text, same problem, there is text in the field, seems to only want to view default #1 bar from MSIE.

>>>>>>>>>( Status Bar Text )<<<<<<<<





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You're using incorrect syntax. You' trying to match a window with the title "Netscape" and the text "4". In short, you're putting the field you want to read where the text goes.

StatusBarGetText("Netscape", "", 4)

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