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Log internet usage of router/network

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Yeah, I know there are programs such as Networx to log internet usage and open an application when it exceeds a certain limit, but I would like it to do so every 100mb, and then maybe wait some seconds/minutes before it resets the meter and begins counting up to 100 new mb. And to get it that sensible i need to embed it to my autoit code. Or maybe such application or script does already exist? I'd be glad to know about it then. Otherwise I'm looking for help embedding it and how to program it.


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First I would use something like wireshark, I think it can do exactly what you want.

Second If you would like to develope it yourself, then a) play around in autoit a bit b )check the wiki for UDFs (user definied function) I'm sure there is something like you want already.

Hope that helps, I wish you the best of luck in the forums (they users are helpful, really) but next time show some of your own "digging" on the situation, what did you tried so far, give more information about your problem.

Also usually one thread concentrate to one problem, you started with a few already, so I suggest more to the point question and more detailed problems.

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