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Need your assisstance creating a particular script

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Basically my concept is :


I want to create a program which'll find duplicate/common files among folders.The GUI will have options to choose the desired folders and the result will be displayed in list. Also kindly tell me how I can change the script to find uncommon files instead of duplicates

Thank you for your help (In Advance :* hoping someone will answer)

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SirDarknight, welcome to the forum. Please understand that this forum is dedicated to helping you improve your script; it is not a place where you put in a request and someone barfs up code for you.

What you are proposing is completely doable with AutoIt. I suggest you do some forum searching for duplicate files, and see how some others have tackled the problem. Then, try it out yourself, and post back here if you run into trouble ;)

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How to get your question answered on this forum!

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