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Scite commands for AutoIt

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Hey all,

Ive been using Autoit for about a month now, and im working on a little project.

Its going very well but at one point i get stuck, I hope you can help me with that

I want to be able to open a script with Scite. I want AutoIt to do this for me. I COULD simulate with mouseclicks, but i dont want that.

So ive got 2 problems:

- A command to open a script with scite e.g. RunWithScite ("myscript.au3") or whatever you can come up with and i need a Notepad variation of that also e.g. RunWithNotepad ("myscript.au3")

-I need to detect where scite is installed on a system, so i can make sure people have Scite installed, and i can undertake actions depending on that

I just dont find those mouse simulations nice, so i was wondering if you guys have any ideas

I have no code examples for these problems, cause i have absolutely no idea

Hope you can help me out!

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FileChageDir ( RegRead ( "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AutoIt v3\AutoIt", "InstallDir" ) )

If Not FileExists ( "SciTe" ) Then
MsgBox ( 64, "Error", "SciTe is not installed, or it could not be found." )
$location = FileOpenDialog ( "Locate au3 Script", @MyDocumetsDir, "AutoIt Scripts (*.au3;*.aut), 2 )
Run ( "SciTe\SciTe.exe " & $location )


or you could change this line:

FileOpenDialog ( "Locate au3 Script", @MyDocumetsDir, "AutoIt Scripts (*.au3;*.aut), 2 )

to the location of the file you want to open.

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I'm not really sure what you are trying to achive. Why not put a shortcut to both SciTe and Notepad in your "Send To" folder, and then you can right click your file and choose which application to send it to?

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