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[Image] Delete(crop) Logos(Text) From image

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Hi all, i have too many imgs for work and need to automate process.
The idea:
1.Take a back color - the first pixel on top and left in img
2.Use the FastFind.dll (FastFrench) for find the biggest spot on img with not back color, but it library cant load img from file - only snapshot :(, i need to find something like this library or find the way to load img in library
2.a)2 Fors on img for get binary array(map) with 0-back color, 1-something else
2.b)Apply Filter on img for delete all except back, and now we have map with 1-back color, 0-something else
3.Find on map the biggest spot, crop and save OR change color on all other spots in back
(chage my post if u find errors in text)
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