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League of legend pixelsearch probleme

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Hello , :wub:

Yesterday I was doing a fast project (a small bot for lol) using pixel search, now the problem is autoit doesn't find the pixel, so I tried to understand why and then after a lot of thinking (and mental abuse :mad2: ) I found something: when I took a screen shot in the game, it is all black  :ph34r:  I searched in lol forums and the same problem is happening to a lot of people one of the answers that was there is making lol windowed mode, and that fixed the problem.

so how can I pixel search without removing Fullscreen (pm screen shots are black) this problem can happen to

this probleme can happen to diffrent directx games

(in case you dont know League of legend or lol is a game duuuh <_< )

Thanks  :>

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