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Open folders in a ListBox

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Hello, I seems to be stuck in a little program.

I would like to save a report to a specific folder in a specific drive, I can select the drive during the saving process, but I can't / don't know how to open folders in a control. According to the AU3Info the control's class is a TDirectoryListBox (I'm not sure why its named like this, but its basicly a simple listbox)

I tried to use google, and also specificly searched this website for anserws but didn't find any. Most of the questions were about the created GUI-s ListBoxes.

If I try to send enter to it, its just jumps to the save window, assuming that I selected the folder.

I hope I paraphrased my problem well enough, pls ask anything you may not get, or want to know.

(The window's class is TfrmDirDialog , maybe this is information for you :) )

Thank you!

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Okey (sorry for posting after just 20 minutes of searching) after neaither Microsoft and Wikipedia gave me a usable solution I fall back to the good old trial and error method. I found that it works wiht RIGHT shift + enter (not with left interestingly)

anyway thank you, and i hope this will saves someone from a bit of a headache once :)

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