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Question about _EventLog__Read() function

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Does this function retun the data only in english?

I guess not .. if not then I need that the function will return the data in english even if in the user machine the language of the even log is different.


I saw that it is possible and it was done here:

But I do not know how to translate it to Autoit ..

The only reason why I need it is because [10] - Event source that retuned from this function.

[ 8] - Event type string have an number version - which is [ 7] - Event type.

so Instead check for the english word "Error", I check for the number 1 (Because I know that 1 is "Error" or another word in another language with the same meaning)

But for [10] - Event source I dont see number number version. or maybe I missed it?

Without number number version I have to rely on the word "Application"


Thank for helpers!



Now I see that I don't need to check for [10] - Event source  Because I opened the evnt handle with $sSourceName = 'Application'

$hEventLog = _EventLog__Open('', 'Application')

In any event I would get an array with [10] = 'Application' so I don't need to check for it.

But still I'm not sure that this line will work on non-english computer..  Or is it? I would love to get an answer for that.

If this line will work correctly in non-english computer then everything is fine



I'm just not sure where I should ask this ..
Maybe I should ask this in General Help and Support ..

If it does not fit here, then please move it General Help and Support

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