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Simple Functions Difficult In Autoit!


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as part of an win XP unattended install, im trying to set the following under my computer:

my computer > view > list

my computer > view > status bar

tools > folder options > view > apply to all folders

i've tried using

run("explorer.exe /select,c:")

WinWaitActive("My Computer", "", "3")

WinMenuSelectItem("My Computer", "", "&View", "&List")

WinMenuSelectItem("My Computer", "", "&View", "Status &Bar")

WinMenuSelectItem("My Computer", "", "&Tools", "Folder &Options") .... didnt know where to go from there..

none of the settings apply. :whistle:

i also tried:

run("explorer.exe /select,c:")

WinWaitActive("My Computer", "", "3")

ControlClick("My Computer", "", "CabinetWClass2")

ControlClick("My Computer", "", "CabinetWClass7")

neither work B)

can anyone help?

i would really appreciate it!!!


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