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Get control ID(or name) from Save Dialogue Adress

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I've searched arround now for a while, but I can't find any topic that could help me.
I want to change the adress (or path) in a Windows Save dialogue (I thing it doesn't make any difference if save picture or save any other document)
But I can't identify the correct control ID with the Window helper tool.

It either says its:

- Edit2
- ToolbarWindow323
- ComboBox3

And I've tried to ControlSetText and ControlSend with the new adress C:UsersPiccolo1986Downloads, (best would be with a placeholder for the current user, like @USERNAME) but nothing works.

Any Ideas?


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I would try to grab the control ID of the filename box near the bottom.  Use the title of the box, along with that ID to send the full path to it.  That should work

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