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Get DLL function name from ProcAddress

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I'm attempting to grab the dll function name from it's proc address...or the ordinal...

$h = _WinAPI_GetModuleHandle("user32.dll")
$i = _WinAPI_GetProcAddress($h,1502) ; ActivateKeyboardLayout
ConsoleWrite("address:" & $i & @CRLF)
; ordinal is 1502, function name is ActivateKeyboardLayout...trying to get 'ActivateKeyboardLayout'

Above is just an example...I'm trying to get the ordinal, in a loop, of one of our internal dlls.  The ordinal can change from build to build.

I've found other ways to do it, but it involves spamming ordinals in a second process until the output is as expected...a second process because most ordianls that are NOT the right one will cause application errors from autoit.


I started using the fully decorated function name, and it woks fine.

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