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Debugging a script - stepping through - seeing variables?

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How's that for a vague topic? :sweating:

Is there an include, or wrapper script that will let me see variables within my script as it runs. If I could see that and have a function that lets me step through it line by line it would be awesome, or awful depending on your outlook.

I've used the msgbox function but that is very tedious. Searching the help file and forums but not getting any really direct methods.

Anyway - it would sure be helpful. :thumbsup:

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When I first changed from VB to the GUI version of AutoIt, a step through debugger was the only thing I missed.

I learnt to live without it, though I still occasionally use one when I do VBA, so I recognize how useful it is.

I've got to the point now, where I'm happy using MsgBoxes, but I guess my Dialog Maker program makes it a little easier for me, creating a simple error MsgBox at the click of a button.

In fact, even though I've been aware of Stumpi's Debugger for a few years, I've never even bothered to try it, and I code all the time.

I don't even use the console in SciTE, like many others do, despite SciTE being the only editor I use.

I guess, it is just what you get used to, and I like the simplicity and speed of a MsgBox, and the fact that I can several variables show at once in that MsgBox, etc.

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