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Questions about ImageSearch

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Hello and good morning!

I have a few questions abot the ImageSearch function. I want to use it because I can't seems to interact with a lots of controls of a new version of a program my company is going to use. Au3Info can detect something with a class name of TdxRibbon, containing a TdxRIbbonGroupsDeckControlSite which then contains a TdxRIbbonGroupsDeckControl and thats a TdxRibbonGroupBarControl, from a graphical point of view, there are "sheets" where i can click to see some beautiful pictograms and interact with our datas, and add new ones and a bunch of other things. I will attach a pic, maybe that would make it cleaner. I'm unfourtunetly have around zero experience wit java, but I think this seems like something created with a JS, not sure.

Since i can't get control names or IDs, I thought that useing imagesearch i can find the differet buttons and automate some of the daily routines, by simply using a Snipping tool to save the different buttons.

I went through the wiki Function Lists, and the UDFs, but couldn't find it (>Bitmap library being the closest, but it isnt what i was looking for) On the forums I found the >forum thread which was pretty helpful, but I'm not sure if it works (havent posted on the thread because im not sure if it still active or  the code is competible)

Can you give me some pointers? where should I look (i think useing it would be something I can handle following the forum thread) or m'i even the right path to start this?

I thought I may try my luck with the Java UDF from the wiki, but not sure if that whould help.

Thank you (I'm not in a hurry I will most likely have to test it for a few days anyway, but i want to be ready to start to work when thats finished, also this isnt the final realesed version yet, obviusly thats why we have to test it)

Edit: messed up the attach for the first time, sry

Edit 2: After looknig around I'm sure this was made in Delphi


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