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How to enlarge the RDP window but not maximize it


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Hello, I created a RDPconnect script, which runs mstsc.exe /v:hostname and then fills in my credentials if it is W2K8 style prompt and presses enter or uses send() to type into a W2K3 style window and then presses enter. Works great but it also maximizes the window using
Winsetstate("Default - "&$srv,"",@SW_MAXIMIZE)
but the problem is I cannot then move such window, because when I move it it resets back to it's initial size whch I don't want. I have my default RDP settings not full screen but smaller then the display resolution, so I can see other windows besides this RDP window. How do I enlarge a window to its max size set in RDP properties resolution but not make it maximized?

Thank you for ideas

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