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Compile Problems in Windows 8.1 x64 - Unable to Open Script File


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I have a problem with compiling in Windows 8.1 (x64). More then half the time, after you compile and run the .exe, you get the error "Unable to open the script file". The only solution is the compile again and again and again until the .exe works. 

This is not a code based error. Even a simple message box will result in this specific error. Example: I just created a script with just 

MsgBox(0, "Title", "Hello World")

and started compiling. The first eight times it said "Unable to open the script file", after the ninth compile the .exe worked like it's supposed to.

It seems this is a problem with my Trend Micro Anti Virus Scan! When I disable TrendMicro it works everytime.

I read somewhere that you can try to disable UPX as a compression but this is not the solution. Even without UPX I still have the same error!

Here a few bullet points on this error.

  • You get the error with "Compile Script", "Compile Script (x86)" as well as "Compile Script (x64)! (The options in the context menu if you right click on the file)
  • Compile via program itself (Tools -> Compile) will result in the same error; Build (Tools -> Build) doesn't work either!
  • I tried it with AutoIT, doesn't work
  • Tried it with  AutoIT (Uninstalled and restarted PC) -> The first 10-15 times it always worked, after that same error again with the .exe only working 1/10 times (Tried reinstalling again, same thing. It always works for 10-15 times, after that...Errors...Crazy!)
  • Tried the newest Beta Version - Doesn't work (right from the beginning)
  • If the compile worked correctly the "File Version" of the file says - If it didn't work it will not list a version
  • Filesize is smaller if the compile didn't work

Is this a known problem and does someone have a solutions for it? Or any ideas what else to try? I don't want to disable TrendMicro everytime I need to compile something.

Much appreciated!

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According to the above TM supports setting folders to exclude from scanning, It isn't the best fix since it will likely only stop TM from messing with the build process and won't stop it messing with an already built exe outside of your excluded folders.

If you decide upon the above I recommend not setting Aut2Exe's default temp folder to the exclusion list (which is a security risk), better to use a folder of your choosing then set the USERPROFILE environment variable to that of your excluded folder via a batch or script which also executes Aut2Exe.

I know it sounds like a pain, and it is particularly futile if as I said TM dislikes already built standalones.

Its upto you.

Edit: I see you use AutoIt in a business environment! If that is the case the folly of your circumstance rests firmly on your shoulders, and yours alone.

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Create an exception in your antivirus software for the folder where you store your AutoIt stuff.


While this would be the most simple solution for this problem it is also one of the least wanted, since I use AutoIT in a business environment. A solutions without touching the antivirus software would be the best but I'm not sure there is one...

Funny enough Trend Micro on Windows XP is not having any issues with AutoIT. (Well it is an older TM version on WinXP..)

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See this sticky at the top of the forum: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

A/V companies blocking us is nothing new, and nothing that can be done to "get around" it. As many of us who use AutoIt exclusively in an enterprise environment (I am also a TM customer) learn early on, from time to time you are forced to deal with the company regarding false positives, there is just no way around it. Thankfully TM is easier to deal with than CheckPoint.

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What irritates me is that there is absolutely no false positive. Trend Micro literally does nothing. No information that something was blocked, the logs are completely empty. It's just that with TrendMicro running, it only works 1/10 of a time. 9/10 times the compiled .exe is literally broken. It doesn't even run on another PC without anti virus software.

I'd be happier if it didn't work at all with a big "Warning, Virus found" or something like that...

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