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Web Color To Rgba

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Hi. I want to convert web color to rgba. I have tried this code but it hasn't work correct. For example, web code of red is #FF0000. I want to convert it to RGBA being Binary.

Thank you in advance.

$dGreen = 0xFF0000
$dBlue = BitAND($dColor, 0xFF)
$dGreen = BitAND(BitShift($dColor, 8), 0xFF)
$dRed = BitAND(BitShift($dColor, 16), 0xFF)
$dColorRGBA = StringToBinary($dRed & $dGreen & $dBlue)
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I think you are mixing up the color formats!


Afaik the web color is in format RGB and you need to convert it to ARGB format. Sometimes you can code the web color in format #09C which is the same as #0099CC.


$color_hex_rgb = 0x1188AA
    $Blue = BitAND($color_hex_rgb, 0xFF)
    $Green = BitAND(BitShift($color_hex_rgb, 8), 0xFF)
    $Red = BitAND(BitShift($color_hex_rgb, 16), 0xFF)
    $color_argb = 0xFF000000 + $Red * 0x10000 + $Green * 0x100 + $Blue
    MsgBox(0, "Test", Hex($color_argb, 8))


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