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Chrome's certificate selector and DirectUIHWND

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its still hard to understand

1. Are you really sure you have chrome://accessibility turned on?

2. Is simple spy highlighting your control or the whole window?

3. Is inspect.exe of windows sdk revealing more information?

4. Can you show the demo / screenshot in english?

If you can highlight more than the whole window it can work by using properties like

indexrelative:=nn (where nn is a positive or negative number)

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seekers do not have attachment rights as frequently like this question is not real clear or SMART defined. You only give very small pieces of a puzzle in your answers,

1. Are you saying that everything works with the library on Windows XP and not on Win7 and Win8?

    My main testing is done on windows 7 and all tools like simplespy, inspect.exe works perfectly under windows 7

please make your reference as a zip (thats the most portable way of sharing information as I am on many computers work and private that have all zip but rar is not that default and unfortunately where i am now I cannot install unrar tools)

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sorry, so far to hard to reproduce what you mean

1. Can you switch to an english chromesetting / language and post screenshots?

2. Which chrome version?

3. How can I trigger manually the screens within chrome? I assume its a menu item somewhere that can trigger those certificate items?

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