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Click on javascript Element

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For a Check I have to click on a Text which an onfocus/onclick event.

This is the Code of the HTML:

< a id="ZLF_1ST_LVL" class="th-lk"oncontextmenu="return false;" onfocus=thSaveKBFocus(this);" onclick="htmlbEF('javascript\x3acrmuif.createIframe\x28\x20\x27ZLF_1S...click:0','crmUIHostDialogContainerForm','ZLF_1ST_LVL','',0);" href="javascript:void(0)" tokset="1"></a>

_IEClickByID and _IECliclByText don't work. Can you help me?



searching for a string with _IEgetLinkCollection

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