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IE: automatically save the file in download

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I've automated a file download in using _IE objects.

At the very end, user click a link, and browser downloads the file. But it asks user to open or save.

Is there a way to tell to IE to automatically save the file?

It's important, because I'd like to make IE running hidden, because user have a custom GUI where to choose which file to download.

i'm actually able to start download directly using the gui, but then, if IE is hidden and user cannot accept the file, all my work ends in a nothing-done :(

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No, becase I'no way to mimic the POST done by the app. It created randomly number, use session id, and a 2-way handshake

Actually I used the getTag function, looped, find the correct, used _IEAction to click on this and i'm happy because it works.

It's a part of a complex task combining user interactions and gui automation to do something that, until now, it's done manually every day.

It cannot be fully automated because some sub-tasks are depending from user decision 'in the moment', and so the tool do something like

- open ie

- allow user choose the file to download

- user confirm save

- using choose which kind of work to do with the file (that not depends only from the file ) so choose every time a different button to do a different import to xls

- at mid of work user must choose other 5/10 options to apply to the file

- script go on

- and ... again and again

Actually we've reduced a one-hour task to <3min task. It requires 100% presidiation by the user, but all are happy

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