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How to select a web element by its displaying text?

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Hi All,

I need to select a web element on a popup window which contain a specific text (Ex; EqualTo).

Window contain following texts






And HTML tags are as followed.

HTML tags are

<span class="rmText">StartsWith</span>

<span class="rmText">EndsWith</span>

<span class="rmText">Contain</span>post-90099-0-58709200-1424404962_thumb.p

<span class="rmText">EqualTo</span>

<span class="rmText">NotEqualTo</span>

How to select a web element which has "EqualTo" text?

Screenshot attach for more details.






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Isn't that firefox? does that have to be done with autoit? If I were you, and I was just trying to automate things (i used autoit mostly to set up larger projects and keep them in order on windows), I'd save me the trouble of 'automating' some browser related task with a few extra megabytes and operation time with things that were designed specifically for that (if that's the case and u know JS, trust me), just use something like NodeJS with get the info u need or want to automate. If that wasn't enough, go another 10 megabytes and use slimerjs/phantomjs :)

If not, go with the above, what smoke_n said, IE works best with AutoIt as it's the best supported ofc.

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