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Guest Darksoul71

Some scripts around AV processing

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Guest Darksoul71

Hi all,

I just wanted to share the latest fruit(s) of my labor <ggg>

Warning: Lots of audio and video specific knowledge required to understand my technological "blah" <ggg>

I record a lot oy movies / shows with my PC in order to watch them later. As even the biggest harddrive tends to fill up very quickly (unless can show me a cheap source for 500 GB HDDs :P), I spent a lot of time cutting my MPEG2 files and mastering them to DVD. Those activities are usually pretty boring and user interaction is limited to only a few clicks. What makes all this esp. a PITA: Most of the MPEG2 editors out there are very slow compared to using VirtualDub and AVISynth for wrapping the MPEG2 file. I´ve spent "some" hours coding and came up with the following three applications:


This script automates the "wrapping" of MPEG2 files using DGIndex as well as mass-editing of files for cutlist generation. Controls both Komprezz2MPEG as well as Komprezzor.


This scripts does transcoding of AVI, AVISynth and MPEG2 files to any VfW codec supported by VirtualDubMod. One path or two path mode is supported using pre-defined VirtualDubMod Configfiles (VCF). Also does automated cropping and resize by keeping the correct aspect ratio.


This scripts does transcoding of AVI, AVISynth and MPEG2 files to DVD compliant MPEG2 files using the Cinemacraft Encoder. Also the automated mastering of DVDs and ISO generation. Currently only CCE 2.5 SP is supported as encoder. That´s not nice but suits my needings. The encoder settings are mostly "hardwired" within the script. Once tylo´s CCEFront will work more stable on my system(s) and / or HC enc supports OPV encoding I might add support for them also.

Komprezzor and Komprezz2MPEG also support different denoising modes (simple blur, TV denoise, Chroma Noise Reduction). Also automated cropping / resize are supported. Cutmarks are extracted from the VCF-file and "translated" into AVISynth code providing fading. You should be able to figure out most of the functionality by reviewing my crappy code. All scripts are depending on several freeware tools. Here are some links for downloads (hope this doesn´t violate any bb rules):

AVS2WAV: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=70882

DGIndex: http://neuron2.net/dgmpgdec/dgmpgdec.html

MPASource: http://www.avisynth.org/warpenterprises/fi...ll_20040109.zip

DVDAuthor Win32 binaries: http://dvdauthor.sourceforge.net/

EclCCE: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=46664

AVISynth > 2.5: http://www.avisynth.org/

CCE 2.5 SP: Don´t ask me where to find ;)

For the rest of the used AVISynth plugins you have to search the web or I could put a zip-package on my homepage

Have fun,


P.S.: I should not forget to add that I did a major rework on Komprezz2MPEG to get rid of two external tools (MPEG2AVS and AVIInfo). Komprezzor is still depending on them but modifiying the Komprezzor Code is not a real issue.

P.P.S.: Here are the sources which I release under GPL:


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