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Need knowledge to properly search

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Hi everyone, first post here and will need some help to get started as I dont seem to know what to search for my needs.

Here a little background of me and why I am here.

As a student in industrial engineering, time is often limited. I have way too many classes and too little leisure. One of the thing we actualy learn in engineering.(Yes we learn!!) Is that time is wasted everywhere for useless task that are repeated too often and simply could be automated. Trying macro as I did in the past, I found myself saving times to do other tasks. Which is fine to a point but still can be lacking and buggy! Today, I would like to start learning how to make some of the following things to accelerate and automate so of the useless part of computer usage.


If anyone can link me or tell me the terms Im looking for in the following things I would like to do based on what I type:


1. Type words to do actions on the computer.

Ex.: Typed: e-mail

       Result: Open all e-mail accounts by the use of coding or macro I would make.

2.  adding/access content on the fly to outlook/lightbeam without having to open them

Ex:  Typed: +25/11/15 13h23 Tacos or Nachos ? 

       Result:  Entry in program at the date and time "Tacos or Nachos ?"

       Typed: View today

       Result: Open program directly to today

3.   Creating folder tree

       exe School Start

       Result: How many classes ?

       Typed: 8

       Result: How many are reading classes? 

       Typed: 1

       Result: Type the name of the reading class

       Typed: French
       Result: How many books?

       Typed: 1

       Result: Type the names of each books

       Type: The Art of reading, Reading too much

       Final result:  A school folder with subfolders created for each subject and reading books.

       Result: Type the names of each classes

I may have more ideas. But need time to study :P

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There's a lot in that list. Firstly you need to look at the Help File, do the tutorials and get a feel for the language. There are various ways to run a program or open a file. Check out the functions Run() and ShellExecute(). Also look at >HotStrings - it's perfect for what you want.

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Yes, there is. But the autoit is even bigger then that. :P

By giving my end goal Im only trying to find the best place to startmy learning.

Thank you for your post. Will check as I press "post" :)

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